Children of DOW’s Chemicals

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Union Carbide's Second Poisoning of Bhopal

"Officially MIC is classified as about twice as lethal as cyanide...[beyond the eyes and lungs]...the liver is fairly badly affected, the spleen is very badly affected...and finally the kidney seems to be severely affect... and something that doesn't get better over time, it seems to get worse."

Dr Neil Anderson - Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind

The Brain

Bullies have thrown stones at him and hurt him. Poor Raju. He makes an easy target.
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The Legs

Adil is a normal teenager, except that he will never walk. His legs are withered, too weak to carry him. To get about he must crawl on his hands and knees.
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The Eye

Shanu was twelve years old when she died. The cancer that consumed her eyeball had left her in perpetual agony.
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Please Donate

The Bhopal Medical Appeal's ongoing work depends entirely upon the compassion and fellowship of ordinary people, as well as contributions by trusts and philanthropic groups.

From volunteering at the Sambhavna Clinic or holding a fundraising event, to taking on a challenge activity or making a donation, your support is critical in enabling our clinics to continue providing free medical relief for those still suffering in Bhopal.

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