Health Holocaust

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Officially MIC is classified as about twice as lethal as cyanide...[beyond the eyes and lungs]...the liver is fairly badly affected, the spleen is very badly affected...and finally the kidney seems to be severely affect... and something that doesn't get better over time, it seems to get worse.

Dr Neil Anderson - Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind

Long Term Health Affects in Bhopal - Dr Neil Anderson

A Child Is Born

In a sample of 865 women who lived within a kilometre of the plant and who were pregnant at the time of the gas leak, 43% of the pregnancies did not result in live births.
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Common Symptoms

Following the disaster on December 2nd-3rd 1984, the Indian Council of Medical Research [ICMR] – a government agency – concluded, on the basis of mortality figures, that over 520,000 exposed persons had poisons circulating in their bloodstream causing different degrees of damage to almost all the systems in the body.
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Lack of Information

Union Carbide (now Dow Chemical, following the February 2001 merger) continues to claim over 60 years of research (including research on human 'volunteers') on methyl isocyanate (the gas that leaked from the Bhopal pesticide plant) as “trade secrets”.
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Sambhavna Study Says Gas Hit Ten Times More Prone to Cancer

On the twentieth anniversary of the Sambhavna Clinic, a preliminary report from a ground-breaking study has revealed that cancer incidence, in people exposed to the methyl isocynate (MIC) gas leak of 1984, is ten times greater than in the unexposed population.
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Spontaneous Abortions & Horrific Births

Long before Union Carbide's toxic gas, methyl-isocyanate (MIC), claimed tens of thousands of lives in Bhopal, it was the subject of more than a dozen medical studies in the United States.
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System Failure

So many government hospitals have been built in Bhopal since the 1984 disaster, that, as the International Medical Commission on Bhopal (IMCB) has observed, there are more hospital beds per 1000 population here than in the USA or Europe.
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Women’s Health

Worryingly, Sambhavna’s pathologist has found a high proportion of abnormal PAP smears among women survivors, increasing fears for a connection between cervical cancer and gas exposure.
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