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"This is a pure and simple criminal deed...I think it is an insult to say 'we accept moral responsibility'... then you discharge yourself of moral responsibility with a bit of charity, it's simply not on."

Union Carbide Accepts Moral Responsibility - MN Buch - India Administrative Service Bhopal 1975


Our family has always been horribly poor. Besides tattooing, father massaged people with pulled muscles. The pittance he earned was gambled away. Sometimes we’d have meals, but mostly we went hungry. Our neighbours, pitying us, would sometimes send their leftovers.
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Hearing our voices, Laccho turns and surveys us with empty eyes, then gives a toothless and unexpectedly sweet smile. To look at her, you would think she was in her eighties, not forty years younger.
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Mehboob Bi

When her daughters were small and there was no food Mehboob Bi used to give them water at night to fill their stomachs. ‘Afterwards I came to know that in many places the wells have been poisoned by that factory, the same cursed place that tried to kill us all with gas.’
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